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To use our software, you need to agree with the following policies and conditions

1) This service and software are not guaranteed in any form. We do not express that this service will be available at all times. The service may be discontinued at anytime without notice. If we feel you are using this software for items other than it's intent, we will revoke your ability to use it.
2) The game line up available within the software package may be altered at anytime without notice. This means that games currently in the line may be removed and/or new games will be put into the system.
3) tgamesexpress is not responsible for any costs for using our software that the end user may run into. Most users do not have any costs because of our service, except for, domain hosting and domain name renewals.
4) The games in this network are copyrighted by Jetacer Interactive LLC. All copyrights and trademarks must be respected.
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