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How can I make money with this software?
tGamesExpress software is a self contained package which features games your vistors can play right in their browser. It also offers the ability to download "Demos" of the games, as well as the ability to purchase the full versions of the games. The downloads will contain ways for the person to purchase the full version of the game. When they do purchase, you will make a percentage of that sale. The percentage starts at 25% and goes up from there based on sales performance. Visit the official affiliate site for this program by clicking here. This affiliate program is actually handled by our main site which is Tornado Games(www.tornadogames.com).

What are the costs involved?
None. This software is free to anyone. We cover all of the costs for the bandwidth for the games. The only time you would be charged for bandwidth is if you use our artwork and you move the images to your own server. Other than that we cover the costs of the software.

Can my website link directly to a game within the tgamesexpress game engine?
Yes. In order to accomplish this, you will need some programming experience. This task can be done using any of the standard web/HTML languages (ASP, JAVA, Perl, PHP, Python etc.). You need to build the Flash object code that calls the game engine on the fly so you can include a "gid" variable which is the game ID number. In the huge string that calls the engine you will see some variables that are behind it. The first variable is laid=. If you add a variable to it named gid and apply the game id number to that gid when your arcade loads, it will go directly to that game. The following is a sample of the code:
Original: http://www.tgamesexpress.com/tgamesexpress.swf?laid=5000
Change it to: http://www.tgamesexpress.com/tgamesexpress.swf?gid=45&laid=5000
Note that the first variable is now gid=45 instead of laid=5000. In this case, 45 represents the game named Project 156, the gid is the Game ID number. Of course the 45 would need to be some type of variable that is copied from a URL like:
Then through the use of a language (ASP, PHP, etc), you would move the gid number into position behind the Flash Object for the arcade. The ID numbers can be found by looking at our Artwork page. In fact, you will notice that the game names in the artwork area are linked, if you click those links you will see the direct link to a game procedure in action. Big NOTE: The engine is called from 2 places within the object code. You need to update both of them to make this work correctly.
If you have any questions please contact us and let us know what you need. We are here to help.
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